Online Basic Operations Course

BASIC Operations Course

Designed for Recreational and Commercial UAV pilots looking for a full course with Transport Canada recommended material. Course is 30 hours long. For UAV's / drones 250g to 25kg in weight. Completing this course prepares you for Transport Canada Pilot requirements coming in late 2018. Please Note: This course is not yet available.

  • 30 hour Course
  • Transport Canada Recommended Training Content
  • Required material by Transport Canada June 1, 2019
  • For Beginner to Experienced Recreational Pilot
  • For UAV's / drones 250g to 25 KG
Course Content
  • Aviation Terminology
  • UAV Personnel Flight Roles and requirements
  • Air Law Traffic Rule and Procedures
    • includes altitude restrictions
    • speed limits
    • right-of-way rules
    • payload limitations
    • transponder airspace
  • Insurance requirements
  • Theory of Flight
  • UAV Components
  • Battery Management
  • Flight Termination Systems
  • Maintenance and Record Keeping
  • Visual Illusions during flight and prevention
  • Introduction to Meterology / Weather affecting flight
  • Navigation and Navigation Aids
  • Flight Planning and Safety

$90.00 CAD